Dr. Alex Abramovich has been addressing the issue of LGBTQ2S youth homelessness for more than 10 years. He is an internationally recognized leader in the area and one of only a few Canadian researchers studying the phenomenon of queer and trans youth homelessness. Over the years, Alex has advocated continuously for policy and practice changes to improve the lives of LGBTQ2S youth.


Alex is an Independent Research Scientist at the Institute for Mental Health Policy Research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). His program of research focuses on LGBTQ2S youth homelessness, access to mental health services and housing programs, trans health, and the ways broader policy issues serve to create oppressive contexts for LGBTQ2S youth.


His research has led to groundbreaking practice and policy reform, including the launch of Canada’s first dedicated transitional housing program for LGBTQ2S youth – YMCA’s Sprott House – and mandatory LGBTQ2S cultural competency training for all City of Toronto shelter staff. Alex has worked closely with municipal and provincial governments to develop strategies that address the needs of LGBTQ2S youth experiencing homelessness. Alex has also been invited to collaborate and consult on numerous international initiatives.


Alex’s research is grounded in the elements of Critical Action Research, Critical Ethnography, and Institutional Ethnography. He is committed to research that successfully and ethically engages the community and situates LGBTQ2S young people experiencing homelessness as knowledge makers and creators. He is interested in youth culture, homelessness and health care, community engagement, and film-based methods.